How does My Italy work?

You have found a farmhouse on My Italy Selection that you like to book? With the help of My Italy it's very simple and you can do so in English. At no extra costs! Here is how you can book the farmhouse of your choice in just 4 steps.

STEP 1 - Send me a booking request

This can be done on the site through the appropriate booking request form, at the farmhouse of your choice. Fill out this form and press send.

A booking request is not a final booking and is neither for you nor for the farmhouse and / or My Italy binding.

STEP 2 - My Italy checks availability

My Italy checks the availability of the farmhouse in the desired period. Normally within 2 working days you will receive by email a response to your booking request.

STEP 3 - My Italy will send you a booking form

If the accommodation in the farmhouse of your choice, at the times you specified, is available and you wish to reserve, you can do so via email or telephone. Then My Italy will send you by email a booking form. On the form all details of your booking and the booking terms and conditions of the relevant farmhouse are listed. Such as:

  1. Payment: the total amount of your booking, method of payment and any deposit that is payable to the farmhouse;
  2. Cancellation policy and the cancellation charges of the particular farmhouse and
  3. Any other booking conditions of the farmhouse of your choice.

You need to fill in your name and address on the form and tick the box that you agree with the booking terms and conditions of the farmhouse. In some cases, the farmhouse also requires your credit card details for a deposit or as guarantee of your booking. By completing and mailing back the booking form you acknowledge to have read and agree to the booking terms and conditions of the farmhouse. You should send the booking form back to My Italy within two working days, otherwise your booking option expires. Your booking is final and binding at the moment My Italy has received the completed booking form on time.

STEP 4 - You will receive a voucher

When you finally have booked, My Italy will send you by email a confirmation voucher with name, address and satellite coordinates of the farmhouse.

Important to know:


My Italy applies the booking terms and conditions of the individual farmhouses. So you don't pay to My Italy, but directly to the farmhouse. Most farmhouses require a deposit in advance at the moment of booking. In most cases, that can be done through an international bank transfer, but sometimes also by credit card. The remaining amount you pay in most cases on site at the farmhouse, but sometimes one month before arrival (depending on the farmhouse you book). If you book a farmhouse that does not require a deposit, you pay the full amount of the booking on site at the farmhouse, when checking in or out. These farmhouses would usually receive your credit card information to guarantee the booking and for payment of any cancellation fees. The method of payment is stated on the booking form that you will receive from My Italy. Of course, you can always ask the booking terms and conditions of a particular farmhouse at an earlier stage.

My Italy NEVER charges any booking fees and you pay the official price of the farmhouse!


It may happen that you unexpectedly have to cancel your booking. You have to do so in writing to My Italy, no later than 3 working days before the expiry of the cancellation period; thereby enabling My Italy to cancel your booking at the farmhouse on time. You can also cancel directly at the farmhouse within the cancellation period and taking into account the cancellation policy of the farmhouse. If you do not cancel on time the farmhouse is entitled to charge the cancellation fees as listed on the booking form.


All descriptions of the farmhouses on this website are written with care and attention to quality. Any errors and / or omissions in the price, booking and cancellation policies as well as in the descriptions of the farmhouse are not binding to My Italy and the farmhouse.

All farmhouses present on this website are carefully selected and visited by My Italy. The descriptions of the farmhouse are based on these visits and the information provided by farmhouse. If you feel that the description does not match the reality, I kindly ask you to let me know in writing in order to improve the quality of the description.

Ciao, Margot Butterfly


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