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Agriturismo in Emilia Romagna

The region of Emilia Romagna is still mainly unknown to most tourists. And wrongly so, because this region has Italian culture, cuisine and hospitality in spades. In Emilia Romagna, I – Margot – have selected a beautiful agriturismo. I visited it personally and selected it for its quality, charm, and hospitality. 

You can see the location of my agriturismo in Emilia Romagna on the map above. Don’t delay booking it if you do not want to be disappointed. 


A surprising holiday destination

Emilia Romagna is situated between Lombardy and Tuscany. Driving from north to central Italy, you will pass through it. In 2018, Lonely Planet earmarked this region as a great holiday destination that is unjustly ignored by tourists. And indeed, Emilia Romagna will surprise you. Especially if you like fascinating cities, fast cars, and gourmet food. 


Lively cities drenched in history

With its 388,000 inhabitants, the capital Bologna is the seventh largest city in Italy. It has a beautiful historic centre and is a fun and relaxed city that invites visitors to wander through its maze of narrow streets. And not unimportant: the city is a gourmet’s delight. Another must-see city for foodies is Parma, home of Parma ham and Parmesan cheese. And do not forget to pay a visit to Modena, where the Enzo Ferrari Museum Is located. It is also the cradle of other sports car creators: Ferruccio Lamborghini and Alfieri Maserati were born here. At Maranello, sports car enthusiasts can take a spin in a Ferrari. 


Fine beaches on the Adriatic coast

You like to cool off on the beach? And you like the buzz of a lively seaside resort? Then I can recommend Milano Marittima, Rimini and Ravenna. The sophisticated resort of Cervia is really child-friendly, and very popular with Italian celebrities.


Culinary delights of Emilia Romagna

The inhabitants of Emilia Romagna are proud of their culinary heritage. Which is certainly justified, because some of Italy’s most famous products come from here. We have already mentioned Parmesan cheese and Parma ham, but Balsamico vinegar and filled pastas like tortellini were first made here. Bologna is known by the moniker ‘culinary capital of Italy’. The city is famous for its pastas. And for Bolognese sauce: it’s an ingredient of lasagne, but it is also served with tagliatelle.


A comfortable agriturismo in Emilia Romagna

I have selected a cosy, luxurious agriturismo for you in Emilia Romagna. An agriturismo is a working farm that offers luxury holiday accommodation. Our agriturismo in Emilia Romagna has eight luxury suites, a large panoramic pool and a splendid restaurant. They also make their own wine and balsamic vinegar.


Book an agriturismo in Emilia Romagna

Using the map above, you can easily book our agriturismo in Emilia Romagna.

You want to have a look at other agriturismos and regions? Then browse for instance my agriturismos in Tuscany and the agriturismos in Puglia. Do you have any questions? Just send me an email. I know the region and will be glad to assist you.

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