Touring Italy in your Tesla


You own a Tesla or other plug-in car, and want to use it to go on holiday in Italy? Here is all you need to know for a carefree holiday. My Italy has selected agriturismos with charging points, so you can charge your electric vehicle (or PHEV) at your home base and enjoy a carefree, relaxed holiday in Italy.


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What is an agriturismo?

Agriturismos are usually quietly situated in the countryside, where charging points are scarce. Electric cars are just not yet as popular in Italy as they are in the UK. Since an agriturismo combines holiday accommodation and farming (producing wine or olive oil, usually), power supply is usually present on site, as it is needed for agricultural activities too. It is therefore not hard for an agriturismo to set up a charging point for your hybrid or other electric car. Many agriturismos like to invest in sustainable technologies, and even have enough solar panels to be (practically) self-sufficient.


Easy charging at an agriturismo

For all of the agriturismos in our selection, My Italy has mapped the distance to the closest charging point. So you know in advance where you can charge your plug-in car, and you have an idea of the distance between where you are staying and the charging point. It also simplifies estimating the charging costs and determining how they can be included in the bill. When you are staying in an agriturismo listed in My Italy with a charging pole for electric cars, you can rest assured that you will have enough power to take all kinds of day trips the next day. 


Finding an agriturismo with charging point

We want to make holidaying in Italy as carefree as possible for Tesla owners. So we’ve added the selection criterion charging station. On our regional maps, you can immediately see which agriturismos have one. And when you click on each agriturismo’s list of facilities you will find specifications of the electricity supply, such as the type of plug and number of Amps.


On holiday in Italy with a Tesla

The distance between the Netherlands and Italy is at least 1,000 kilometres (for Lakes Como and Garda) or 1,500 kilometres for Tuscany and Le Marche. That is why travelling there by hybrid, Tesla or other electric car may seem difficult, but that is not so. According to other Tesla owners it was easier then expected! You could for instance book a few nights at a My Italy property in the North of Italy, on your way to Tuscany. An agriturismo with charging point in Piedmont, for instance, or on Lake Como or Lake Garda.


SuperChargers (SCs) in Italy

Travelling to Italy by Tesla or other electric car does require planning in advance. This has been made easier with Tesla’s SuperChargers network, which currently offers good coverage of western Europe to facilitate quick journeys. There are not that many SC’s in Italy yet, but you can see where new ones are planned here. 

For your holiday on Lake Garda, you can use the SC near Verona. If you visit Lake Como, then the SC near Lugano (Switzerland) is the most convenient one. For Piedmont, you can use the SC in Aosta or the one near Milan, depending on where you are coming from. And finally, for a holiday by hybrid in Tuscany, there is an SC in Arezzo.


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